At the End

Walking a mile through a forest, near sunset (and we all know the forest is always darker than the actual day), over old sand dunes is tough work. Full disclosure; I’m out of shape but not THAT out of shape. My family tried to come with ┬áme but some how the 4 year old and the wife pushing a baby in a stroller up sandy dunes and narrow paths with fallen branches and impending darkness just didn’t make it. It was certainly not because of any effort on their part though; my 4 year old cried when I decided to go on because he was scared I’d get lost or fall off a dune. Thank goodness he wasn’t right. Following the path was easy enough, climbing and not falling was a tiny bit harder. But whatever, 20-30 minutes and 5 rests later I came through. A great memory for sure. Welcome to my first image of Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan.